Hello there! 👋

This is Xiaowei/Joey, and I’m popularly known around the internet as itsjoeoui.

I’m a 17 years old college student studying Pure and Applied science.

I’m also a core team member at @PixelExperience (Our website)

I like Android. However, not going to lie, iOS is still my favourate xD.

Python is my go-to programming language, and sometimes I use Java as well.

Currently, I’m learning Django so I can fill the gaps in my frontend knowledge.

I also have plans to learn C/C++ in the future for kernel development purpose.

I have been a macOS user for years, and I use PD for Linux/Windows VM.

VSCode is my primary choice for code editor, and VIM for command-line interface.

If you find someone with the username itsjoeoui on any platform, feel free to say hi!

Have a nice day :)

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