Tree Hugger - Improving Mental Health by Embracing Nature (WIP)

GITHUB: Comming soon…

This is an application that allows users to leave anonymous messages virtually at specific tree locations when they’re within range. Other users will be able to view these messages and reply if they wish. This is designed to provide a safe space for teens and young adults to express themselves without worrying about being judged. By doing so in an outdoor area, it also encourages people to go outside, which can be beneficial to both their physical and mental health.

Discord Bot


Feature list:

  • Admin - Simple group management actions such as kick/ban/unban.
  • Game - Nothing fancy yet, just rolling dice.
  • Math - Wait it’s all Wolfram|Alpha? Always has been.
  • Music - The usual stuff, needs some improvements tho.
  • Stats - Currently supports and weather stats
  • Others - Where the fun begins!

It also allows people to chat anonymously on Discord channels!

Heat Mapping and Dynamic Heat Distribution



Project for the McGill Physics Hackathon 2020.

Winner of the P4 Momentum Labs coding challenge.

COVID-19 Data Visualization


A simple COVID-19 data visualization tool built with Dash.

Archived, and it may break any time in the future.

Preview: (Open on desktop browsers)

Thanks to everyone who followed me on GitHub :) #NeverStopLearning